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Stèv continues his explorations on ‘Dismantle and Refine’

The album is out now via Italian imprint Variables.

Italian sound designer, producer, and audio developer Stèv has dropped his brand new full-length album ‘Dismantle and Refine’. The record features 10 new tracks, and is available via Variables label.

Across the LP, Stèv focuses his explorations on balancing computer programming and forward-thinking electronica with nature and simplicity, as the artist follows ‘inner thoughts and deep feelings, while learning to deal with challenges and frustration’.

Additionally, the project is tied together with a collaboration with visual artist Carola Demarchi, who has created a series of artists and videos to accompany the project in VR, aiming to ‘extend the overall experience beyond sound by exposing the creative power behind technology’.

Listen to the album below and purchase your copy of ‘Dismantle and Refine’ here.


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