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Steve Bug announces new album ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’

Photo credit: Marie Staggat

The work follows his 2012 album ‘Noise’.

‘Never Ending Winding Roads’ is the name of the first solo album Steve Bug released in 8 years. The German artist will publish this album through his Poker Flat Recordings label, which celebrates two decades of experience.

The material, which is composed of 11 tracks, travels between minimal house, emotional techno, and more vibrant rhythms that characterize the Steve Bug discography.

‘My way of thinking when doing ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’ was completely different from any other project I’ve ever embarked on. I didn’t have to tour and instead could focus 100% on writing music without having the dancefloor as a constant influence. This allowed me the creative freedom to explore a variety of styles and emotions and, as a result, it is the album with which I feel most satisfied to date’, explained the German.

Steve Bug’s ‘Never Ending Winding Roads’ goes on sale November 13th. You can listen to the first cut below.


A1 / 01. Ludic Loops
A2 / 02. Hijacked Minds
A3 / 03. Yellow Snake
B1 / 04. Locked Away In My Head
B2 / 05. Electro Harmonix
B3 / 06. The Awakening
C1 / 07. The Clock Is Ticking
C2 / 08. A Cosncious Machine
D1 / 09. Confidence Dub
D2 / 10. Raindance 101
D3 / 11. Upon Mountains


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