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Steve Lawler Releases ‘Kaleidoscope / Teleidoscope’ Via Armada Subjekt

Steve Lawler releases ‘Kaleidoscope / Teleidoscope’ via Armada Subjekt

This is his debut on the label.

British DJ and producer Steve Lawler has released his latest EP entitled ‘Kaleidoscope / Teleidoscope’ on the house and tech house label Armada Subjekt.

On this record, which is made up of two tracks, Lawler strives to provide melodic sparkles that evoke sound imagery, that is bound to surprise any listener.

“This is something a little different for me. (…) This whole record was made with analog instruments and was done the old-fashioned way by playing synthesizers, opening and closing modules, and recording live. Writing music calms me down in so many ways other things can’t, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did,” said the DJ.

You can purchase the EP here and listen to the tracks below.

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