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Stimming announces new album ‘Ludwig’

Photo Credit: Randy Rocket

It’s made up of 12 new original tracks.

The veteran Hamburg-based producer Stimming will release a new album, titled ‘Ludwig’, next June. The first single, ‘Judith Maria’, is now available.

This time, the artist embarks on a personal and independent journey, deciding to part ways with the club sound he built over a decades-long career as part of the Diynamic family.

‘If you look at my last album and you remove the groove, what’s left? This is what’s interesting to me now. I’m not interested in functionality anymore – at least not for now.’ says Stimming of his new album.

According to the press release, we shouldn’t expect the usual Stimming acclaimed technical know-how approach to his sound, as ‘in Ludwig, the process is somewhat inverse; there’s a sense that Stimming is learning, or re-learning, a thing or two from sound’.

Stimming’s ‘Ludwig’ will be out on June 18th on digital, CD, and vinyl formats.

Watch ‘Judith Maria’ video below.

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