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Stimming Comes Out With New Release And Tour

Stimming comes out with new release and tour

Stimming who is widely known for his eclectic live sets, is releasing a new album on German label Diynamic. At the forefront of music innovation, the concept album “Alpe Lusia” finds its inspiration in the time he took off to a little cabin in the Italian Alps and worked on his music for a full month.

With the release of the album, Stimming starts a massive worldwide tour where listeners can experience “Alpe Lusia” at its core. The tour, which starts April 1st will cover most of the year.

After finishing the productions, Stimming vanished again: This time for a week onto a container vessel, cruising through the icy North Sea in cold January. This time his goal was to work on his live set, under one special condition: he no longer wanted to be dependent on his computer for his live shows. And he reached his goal, now performing with a fully analogue set up consisting of a Elektron Octatrack, Elektron Rytm, combined with a Teenage Engineering op-1 and a TC Finalizer.

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