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Stimming x Lambert talk about their debut album ‘Exodus’

Stimming and Lambert have created their own reputation in the electronic and neo-classical music world. Together they have produced their debut album ‘Exodus’.

We had the chance to talk with them aligned to their new long player released on Kryptox, a brand new label from Berlin.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys and thanks for the time. You just released ‘Exodus’. How was the process of working together?

Stimming x Lambert: Thanks to you. Before we started to work on this record we only met to improvise, the first time in Martin’s studio and then in Budapest for a show on the 4D system. We live in different cities so the production had to be done separately. We never spent a single day in the studio together for this record. It was fun, because that way we were able to only share our ideas once we were satisfied with the result.

EG: Did you guys have to adapt in terms of working as a duo or did it come naturally?

Stimming x Lambert: Without talking about it we agreed on certain roles. More or less you could say that Lambert did more of the musical fundament and arrangement, while Stimming did more of the production, details and finalization. You could also say that Stimming did a great job cleaning up Lambert’s ideas and putting them in order. That way we actually never got into a fight or anything, it felt very natural to work together.

EG: How did the idea of doing this album come along?

Stimming x Lambert: When we met the first time in Martin’s studio we didn’t talk, just improvised for an hour or so. And after that, we agreed that there is something in our sound that connects us.

Stimming x Lambert live / Photo Credit: Manuel Kim

EG: Where was the album produced? Did the environment influence the final outcome?

Stimming x Lambert: Stimming did a big part of the production on his off days during a Japan tour, in a very tiny hotel room in Osaka, Lambert did his part in his studio in Berlin. It was exciting when we received mail from each other. The process felt like putting ideas into a magic box and it comes back in a developed and grown the way that was always unexpected.

EG: There’s a melancholic feel behind it. Is this something that you guys were looking for?

Stimming x Lambert: We never decided on a style or a genre, which was good. I guess it’s just the music that had to be done during that time.

“It felt very natural to work together”

EG: Will there be a tour tied to the album?

Stimming x Lambert: Yes! We have played in London, Dublin, Utrecht, Istanbul, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. And we have more gigs to come in Oslo, again Berlin and Hamburg later this year!

EG: What drives and inspires you to keep performing and creating music?

Stimming x Lambert: Honestly there is not that much of a choice for both of us, we don’t have other talents. The great thing is that we are both in a position where we can do the music we like, without compromising in art. Not having to fulfill certain styles, genres or standards is an inspiration itself, because that way you are able to be open to all kinds of input.Of course, listening to great music or seeing a nice live show can be very inspiring, but nothing beats a good meal to find perfect inspiration.

Stimming x Lambert’s ‘Exodus’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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