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Stimming & Marcus Worgull collaborate on Sunday Music Records

The artists present a timeless EP on Henrik Schwarz’s label.

Stimming and Marcus Worgull will release an EP titled ‘Eiger Nordwand’ in April. The material features two songs, ‘Eiger Nordwand’ and ‘Cwejman’s Tale’. The first pays tribute to the stillness and melancholy of their birthplace and the second honors a synthesizer, a valuable tool for electronic artists.

Musically speaking, the EP presents a clear direction. New textures unfold, piano chords emerge, and each sound emerges in due course. The basis of this release is the determination to make good music and the friendship built between the two producers 11 years ago when they made their first tour of Australia.

Despite knowing each other for so long, it was last year that the two musicians decided to take their collaboration further and, in the alpine isolation of the Worgull studio in Switzerland, they started working on a second track.

‘Eiger Nordwand’ will be available on April 17th. You can listen and order the EP here.

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