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Stive Madenn – No Disks – Digital Delight

Stive Madenn – No Disks – Digital Delight

Colombian producer Stive Madenn delivers his new EP ‘No Disks’ on Berlin label Digital Delight. The EP includes two original tracks along with remixes by Jose Vizcaino, Andre Salmon and Dave Sanz.

‘No Disks’ is a dubby minimal techno track driven by a punchy kick, deep bassline, delayed stabs and a never ending ride. Random distorted vocal samples and FX sounds appear intermittently giving the track a mysterious feel, while the extreme panning of the different elements make the tune feel spacey and dynamic.

Producers Andre Salmon and Dave Sanz team up to remix ‘No Disks’, turning it into a tech house banger that conserves the energy and punch of the original while adding rhythm and energy with a looser bassline and groovier percussion loops.

‘Beat Up’ is a good follow up to ‘No Disks’, and revolves around its dubby bassline and surrounding drone synths that push the track into darker waters. A subtle but solid drum loop formed by heavily reverbed drums and hats carry the track in what sounds like a dark and sweaty warehouse.

Jose Vizcaino remixes ‘Beat Up’ interpreting the track as a brighter and softer deep house tune with a rich and rhythmic groove, funky bassline, and layers of dreamy pads that create harmonic melodies for the inspired minds. Vizcaino’s take is the more melodic and progressive of the collection and while it also feels like a warm up tune, it would probably better fit in a sunset session than in a dark warehouse setting.

Stive Madenn’s ‘No Disks’ EP is already available. Grab your copy here.


1. Stive Madenn – No Disks (Original Mix)
2. Stive Madenn – No Disks (Andre Salmon, Dave Sanz Remix)
3. Stive Madenn – Beat Up (Original Mix)
4. Stive Madenn – Beat Up (Jose Vizcaino Remix)

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