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Stockholm’s Floormagnet unveils latest single ‘Música Electrónica’

Now available through Maestrom Records / NewState Music.

Photo Credit: Floormagnet – Official

The Stockholm music collective, Floormagnet, has just released its latest single ‘Música Electrónica’, now available through Maestrom Records / NewState Music.

‘Música Electrónica’ begins with a resonating Moog bass kick and shaker, gradually drawing in listeners with classic synth sounds and complex composition. The track blends the production styles of Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk, making it perfect for 90’s Balearic dancefloors.

Floormagnet shares that the track was inspired by memories of Ibiza from ’90-’95. It was created using a Moog Sub 37, TB-303, Roland S1, and Hydra synth. They hope ‘Música Electrónica’ will transport listeners back to the electric atmosphere of that era, capturing the love, joy, and euphoria of those times.

This six-member group shares a common love for late 70s and early 80s synth music. They create sounds that echo the electronic pioneers like Kraftwerk, Human League, and Yazoo, evolving through labels like Guerilla, UMM, Limbo, Hooj Choons, Deconstruction, and Renaissance.

Listen to ‘Música Electrónica’ below and grab your copy here.

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