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Storytellers Takes Its Magic To Tulum

Storytellers takes its magic to Tulum

As we celebrated our new year at the Caribbean we saw different events that caught our attention, and the debut of ‘ Storytellers – Dancing into Dreams’  was one that turned our eyes. As we know, this beach city located in Mexico is a destination that is currently on high rotation, receiving large numbers of tourists and locals who come the first days of January in search of some sunlight and leisure.

We arrived at the event finding a fluid flow of guests. The people in charge of receiving us were truly kind and attentive. They gave you a red jute bag that held different surprises. Within it, you’d found a necklace with a color stone, which would define the tribe you would belong during the next hours. It also included several tickets that you could administer as you wanted: you could paint your face, put feather-type accessories, headbands and so on. You could read the palm of your hand, enter a dark room that promised: “gypsy whispers” … Or you could choose to eat a selection of delicious vegetarian foods from the typical basket like tacos to thai food to tamales, even all colors of cotton candy!

After going through the food festival and getting into the tribal mood, you could enjoy nice Indian music, which was played live as well as typical dances from the Asian country.

Once inside the venue that was located at the seashore, we could appreciate the event’s decoration which was really impressive, every aspect was specially designed with a sublime attention to detail. Additionally, the sound engineering was sharp, as well as the music that came out of the cutting-edge speakers.

As expected, one of the most important aspects was the music. The first one in charge to get things going was the veteran DJ and Do Not Sit On The Furniture boss Behrouz, who’s set was characterized by an elegant sound with an impeccable selection that lasted approximately three hours. During his presentation he moved between deep techno and atmospheric deep house, and always with an old school essence. His last track was the memorable one, Roman Flugel – ‘9 Years (DJ Koze Remix)’.

Next up was the Canadian Art Department, who mesmerized the audience with a stronger beat packed with his characteristic underground sound, strong percussions with some soulful funky feel.

The event also gave you the option of introducing yourself in a more introspective environment and away from electronic music. We walked into a secluded area where you could lay down on a bed and relax to see the stars, as some live experimental music built the atmosphere to what already was a mystical experience.

After 3:00 am the event reached its maximum capacity with an area full of ‘travelers’ who never stopped dancing. It was a mix of international attendees who were very receptive to the Storytellers music. Guests such as Guy Gerber and Robbie Akbal were part of the crowd.

The arrival of the Crosstown Rebels head, Damian Lazarus, caused euphoria among the crowd receiving him with a warm applause and thus demonstrating how anxious they were for his music.

Damian hypnotized the audience with his deep and eclectic melodies. He kept the dancefloor up and enjoying his tribal energy, even after dawn… He left an epic moment recorded on his Instagram account with Deepah Ones’ track, ‘Dancing Dub Mix’.

On the way out we heard different comments that the party was “unreal”, “the best in Tulum”, “epic”, all in a positive way. We left with the memory of a happy circus with the Mayan vibe that was present throughout a theatrical show.

I want to end pointing out that the bar service was impeccable and accessible, even in the high rotation hours. Cheers for the happy holidays, uplifting music, and for the most beautiful sunrises facing the Caribbean sea!


Photo Credits: Valya Karchevskaya

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