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Stream Marcel Dettmann’s Dj Kicks Album

Stream Marcel Dettmann’s Dj Kicks album

The new compilation is already available on K7! Records.

German Dj and Producer Marcel Dettmann is the latest guest on K7! Records‘s renowned series Dj Kicks. Whilst he is well-known for his incendiary sets at his residency at Berghain, this mix was crafted for listening, and displays a more reflective side of the artist, exploring a wide array of selections from various subgenres.

As Dettmann explains, this mix is a “lost and found story – I can draw from 25 years of collecting records, digging deep, revisiting, researching.” Whilst he has previously spoken out about the need to escape home production and using different studios, “when it came to the DJ-Kicks mix, I was sitting for weeks in my music room at home listening to records, sometimes together with the kids, editing, researching, playing games… it turned out as a good combination to be at home with the family whilst working on this music project.”

Over the course of the mix’s duration, Dettmann reveals multiple new original productions; most notably a collaboration with Levon Vincent, ‘Can You See’.  He also collaborates with MDR affiliate Wincent Kunth on ‘Possible Step’. In addition to four brand new original Dettmann remixes and edits, there’s also an unreleased remix of Marcel’s ‘Let’s Do It’ from Ostgut Ton labelmate Rolando.

Dettmann takes inspiration for this mix “out of my personal music history, which could be described with the terms Berlin, Berghain and Hard Wax. It’s music that has accompanied me for decades… it is not a mix of brand new tracks, it’s a mixture of of all the music that shaped me over the years and of all the things that still move me today, aesthetically and acoustically.

Listen to Marcel Detmman’s Dj Kicks compilation here.

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