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bad tuner shares 5 tips for creating a visual for your project

Photo Credit: @Joey Perugini Edit @ NDKImages

The Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist is poised to be an artist to watch in 2021 and is a project that lives and breathes creativity, drenched in decades of technical learnings.

‘Back to Me’ is now available on LG105, the new electronic division of Virgin UK that boasts releases from international tastemakers like Ross From Friends, Mall Grab, Fakear, and more. The track features the vocals of British vocalist Marbl, her lyrics speaking towards the various stages of a relationship, taking us through the narration of the various thoughts and actions taken by a partner in search of fulfillment.

Known for his aesthetic approach to music in which he creates an audio-visual experience for his audience, bad tuner’s style of work allows him to take on new personas and build in unlimited environments and genres. He uses correlating DIY visuals in the accompanying music video for ‘Back to Me’ as he further develops and experiments with how visuals affect sound.

Today bad tuner shares with us  5 tips for creating a visual for your project.

1. Create a mood/inspiration board

Find artwork, photos, colors, lighting, fashion, sets, music videos that you really dig. Put them together in a doc and use that as the basis of your art direction. This will help you solidify your creative vision and communicate it to the people you are working with!

2. Create your own artwork/videos for free

Don’t let money dictate your creative output. Sometimes the smaller your budget the better. Download free video/illustrator software and play around with it. It will make you think outside of the box and create something that feels more true and authentic to the project. Don’t be afraid of DIY-looking results, these are the true essence of your creativity!

3. Find people to help you make your vision a reality

Use Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc to link up with creators who you think would vibe with your vision. Contact them and talk about the world you are trying to create. Be open and receptive to their ideas, they will bring something to the table you will not have thought of. Make it a collaboration and not a work for hire.

4. Tell a story and be creative

Daft Punk, Björk, David Bowie, The Gorillaz – they have created a world beyond themselves. Their artistic vision is bigger than the music they create. Through their costumes, artwork, videos, and live stage production their audiences are transported into their world. They are also mysterious, not giving away every detail, leaving room for imagination and speculation.

5. Refine and adapt

Change, shift, and switch it up. Just because one stage of your project had a specific art direction feel free to change it up as time progresses. Different inspirations/art direction will come as your career advances. If you have been hands-on through the creative process the core art style will resonate with your project as long as it comes from you!

bad tuner’s ‘Back To Me’ is now available via LG105. Stream and buy here

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