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Biscits shares 5 creative studio tips

The Southampton-born and bred producer Biscits has been rising rapidly in recent years, with releases on SOLOTOKO, Toolroom, Cr2 Records, and more. In 2019 he was one of the top 10 selling artists on Beatport and is currently receiving over half a million monthly streams across platforms, demonstrating his deserved popularity. Slowly beginning to tighten his grip on the world of house music, Biscits is aided by an unparalleled sonic signature that makes his productions not only attention-warranting but undeniable in the same breath.

This April the prolific UK artist makes a hotly-awaited return to Solardo’s label with a weighty double serving in the form of ‘Jungle Sound’. In order to celebrate his upcoming release on Sola, Biscits shares 5 creative and mental studio tips.

1. Stop making excuses

You don’t need the best and most expensive equipment, some of the best music ever created was produced on computers made literally before you were born. Be willing to sacrifice in order to prioritize your music-making goals. If you genuinely think you don’t have time to make music then it’s never going to happen.

2. Never stop learning

Always assume that you have more to learn, because you probably do. Never assume that you know more than someone else. Set aside time to learn and grow, whether it’s watching YouTube tutorials, reading production articles, digging for new Plugins, or even asking a mate ‘How did you make that sound?!’

3. The result is more important than the method

Don’t get caught up in the process, remember the end goal of creating a song/track. It’s all good doing something really clever and complicated in the production process but if the track at the end sounds like shit then…what’s the point?

4. Patience

Things are going to take longer than you think, so try to keep a level head when confronted with delays. When producing a track it’s better to spend an extra hour, day, or week getting it right. Once it’s out, it’s out, there’s nothing worse than hearing your track being played in a club or on the radio and thinking ‘God, that snare sounds like shit. I hope nobody notices!’.

5. Live it

I’ve found that in order to fully understand a genre of music you must fully commit to listening and experiencing as much of it as possible. It’s no good to dip your toe in here and there and then expect to become a great producer within a scene. You must try to understand where your music will fit within the musical landscape. Be aware of trends and then consider how you wish to react to them musically, whether to jump on the bandwagon or to avoid them like the plague.

Biscits’s ‘Jungle Sound’ will be out on April 30th via Sola. Pre-order your copy here

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