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Dateless shares 5 tips to improve your sound

Hot Creations released a stunning two-tracker from Dateless. Titled ‘Bee’, the EP marks the LA-based artist’s debut on the label, having previously released on offshoot imprint Hottrax.

Dateless is swiftly cementing his reputation as one of contemporary house music’s true heavy-hitters. Performances across major stages in the form of EDC Las Vegas, EDC Mexico as well as Claude von Stroke’s iconic Dirtybird Campouts have brought his unique sound to global audiences. Production-wise, his ‘Cuando Mueves’ single recently amassed 1.6 million Spotify streams, whilst standout releases on Hottrax, Solid Grooves, and Viva Music have rightfully established his presence in the scene.

For the special occasion, Dateless shares 5 tips to improve your sound.

1. Pay close attention to rhythm & groove

Can’t stress it enough, the tighter the groove the more infectious the record. Just because it’s electronic music doesn’t mean it has to sound electronic.

2. Back your shit up & back that ass up at all times

External hard drives should be your best friend. They’re like the best friend that gets you home safely at the end of a big night.

3. Stay true to your sound

Following what’s popular right now won’t always lead to success. In an oversaturated market, it is often uniqueness that leads to the ultimate success. Staying true to what your ears enjoy is the quickest route to happiness as an artist, which is the truest form of success.

4. You can achieve Expensive sounds with Affordable equipment

Some of the best studio investments aren’t necessarily the most expensive investments. You can still make good quality sounds with equipment that is on the more affordable side. The key is to do research on the equipment you are buying, make sure you know you can utilize, and most importantly trust your ears.

5. Enjoy your time and take your time

Try to stay focused on enjoying your time in the studio, enjoying the process, and just enjoying the pleasure the sounds give you. Take your time, don’t be in a hurry to finish a song, time allows you to hear the flaws (if any) in a record.

Dateless’ ‘Bee’ is now available via Hot Creations. Stream and grab your copy here.

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