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DJ Minx shares 5 tips on fine tuning studio work

When it comes to Detroit techno, DJ Minx emerges as one of its godmothers. The “First Lady of Wax” has been around since the genre’s earliest days, later helping to dance music to the airwaves as a radio DJ in the 1990s. Since then, she has been an esteemed leader of the underground, bringing her talents around the world while remaining a staple at the Movement festival in her hometown.

Minx has never been one to hoard her success to herself; however, she chooses to nurture other women’s careers through her collective Women On Wax, which additionally became a label in 2002. This selflessness is rare in the industry and speaks to the widespread respect and recognition she’s earned over the years.

She has also given back by way of remixing; most recently, she added her talents to Ardalan’s expansive remix pack for his debut studio album, ‘Mr. Good.’ In her take on ‘Zombie Village’, the studio maven applied a hint of old-school flair and boosted the low-end while maintaining the original’s mellowed quirkiness. Minx was joined by fellow house & techno pioneers DJ Deeon and Delano Smith, as well as Justin Jay, The Martin Brothers, Soul Clap, and many more.

Now, she gives back once more—this time to the producers in our readership—with a list of concise yet wise tips on fine-tuning studio work.

1. Gather feedback

Pass your track on to some of your production or DJ peeps and ask them for some honest feedback. Constructive criticism can help mold the path of your groove, so take it like a champ!

2. Start with a clear mind

Listen to music that you like to get some ideas, but don’t cloud your head before starting the remix.

3. Don’t overthink it

Sometimes, you can add elements to a track, and it can sound too busy. Go with the flow and try not to stress about it.

4. Mix it

Before putting out your work, make sure it is properly mixed so that all the elements you hear are just as much a joy to everyone else’s ears. It should still have clarity at a low volume.

5. Listen to it

If you’ve heard your mix ten times and you’re not grooving, then maybe you should make some adjustments until it’s got you bouncing from beginning to end. You need to feel what you’re putting out there.

Ardalan’s ‘Zombie Village (Dj Minx Remix)’ is now available via Dirtybird. Stream and buy here.

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