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Kevin Knapp shares 5 tips for vocals

Photo credit: Marie Staggat

A club scene mainstay who has been making music for more than a decade, releasing on the likes of Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels, and Toolroom, and collaborating with Carl Cox, Shiba San, Hannah Wants, Audiojack and many more, Berlin-based Kevin Knapp is back on his own imprint Plump Records with a trio of standout tracks for his new EP ‘Baby Don’t Stop’.

One of the most respected electronic artists in the game, ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ sees Kevin Knapp kick off the new year with the same club-ready energy that he finished the last. Today, he shares some of his most important tips for vocals in the studio.

1. Jump onto the blank page with both feet

I like to write with a pen and pad like the old-school hip-hop artists. When in the creative process I also like to keep as many things out of the process chain as I can, so that I can stay in the flow. Don’t worry about beginning with the perfect idea, just keep writing. The really good stuff could be buried at the bottom of page 2 it’s just important to keep writing so that you get there.

2. Voice notes are your friend

Don’t have a pen and pad? Out with some homies and your brain strikes on your next golden idea? Step away from your environment, grab your phone and speak into voice notes ASAP. It’s not always easy to remember those golden nuggets later and IMO a strong idea is more important than social etiquette in these moments.

3. Don’t be afraid to record it when not finished

If you’ve got some substantial percentage of a lyric written go ahead and try laying it down over the beat. You can usually fit in the remaining words like a puzzle piece, rhythmically into the idea and swing of a track, and sometimes the last needed bit is easier to arrive at if you honor this process.

4. Always try that idea you think will make you look silly

For me, some of my greatest standout tracks have come from doing things I thought were goofy or too far out there. Record the vocal and if you are unsure, play it for some integrous artist buddies who you know are not afraid to give you constructive criticism, and get their thoughts. You may be surprised by what they say… as we are often in our own heads with this stuff.

5. Provide yourself with time and space

It really helps to clear your mind and let things just sort of come to you. For this to happen you need to be comfortable in your surroundings and without any nerves, stress, or anxiety in my opinion. Do whatever you need to do to achieve that state.

Kevin Knapp’s ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ is out now via Plump Records. Stream and buy here.

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