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Matador shares 5 tips to produce quality music

Matador is a revolutionary live artist with a shining reputation for versatility, whilst never compromising on quality. Raised on Motown, he grew up with Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, Orbital, Kasabian… As a teenager inspired by electronic giants Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, and Jeff Mills, he listened faithfully to the Essential Mix, collecting records and learning to DJ on any pieces of equipment he could afford. His drive to learn more led him to a sound engineering course at Dublin’s Sound Training Centre, with an emphasis on electronic music production, and an obsession was born. Today, he shares with us his 5 best tips to produce quality music.

Now, the artist continues to gain space as one of the favorites in the electronic scene. His music is included in the Crosstown Rebels compilationSpirits IV’, alongside artists such as  Andrea Oliva, Pete Tong, and many others. Let’s catch up with these 5 tips:

1. Music Theory

In terms of music theory, start with learning one scale, then learn the chords within that scale. Stay within that scale and write multiple tracks.

2. Piano

I use a piano to start a track and write all the different parts on the piano – bassline, chords, melody. I find it easier to hear all the different components and harmonies much more clearly than using multiple instruments in the initial stages.

3. Equipment Options

Limit your equipment options within a track. Having so many different synths, hardware/ software can lead to procrastination, but if you choose one or two pieces to focus on this will help you to explore each instrument more and lead to a more cohesive sounding production.

4. Pre-Amps

Using a good pre-amp for guitars and vocals is a well know strategy. I’ve found mixing and matching different pre-amps for synths really enhances the source and can lead to some very interesting and unexpected results.

5. Quantisation

Don’t feel the need to quantize everything. Certain elements will need quantization depending on the time signature but placing elements in by ear or gut feeling will give a much more natural and organic flow.

‘Crosstown Rebels presents Spirits IV’ will be out on February 26th, 2021 via Crosstown Rebels. Preorder your copy here.

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