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Style Guide: Techno Part 2 – Building a Techno Track in Ableton Live

After exploring the origins of techno, James Wiltshire puts theory into practice in the latest installment of Point Blank’s Style Guide series.

Hosted by Freemasons’ James Wiltshire, Style Guide sees Point Blank explore the stories, the gear and the techniques that go into electronic music’s most popular genres. We started off with one of the central pillars of dance music, house, and now it’s the turn of another foundational genre: techno. The first part, which went live last week, saw James explain how techno found its feet in Detroit before embarking on a sound design exercise.

In part two, James puts those ideas into practice, building up a techno track in Ableton Live as well as recording some bespoke samples in suitably gritty urban locations. You can watch it above and as always, make sure you subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel for more tutorials and live events, and you can download James’s Ableton Project and WAV stems here.

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