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Suicide Club gets physical

The German label presented its newbies and highlights at Suicide Club.

To deepen in the Berlin night-life is always a tricky task. The offer is huge and quite diverse. But once you know a bit about it, you recognize some signs that will lead you to a good experience… One of those signs is undoubtedly the electronic music label  Get Physical Music and Saturday night at Suicide Club was another proof of it.

As a good host and manager of the label, Roland Leesker opened the line up of a promising night. The quality of the music of this living legend is well recognized and one just needs to look at his trajectory on the music scene to realize that he is truly an artist. For the ones that are not familiar with his work, we just can only recommend hearing  ‘My warehouse’, a record that sums up his experience as a musician and producer, or his  ‘Acid Love series(vol I and II)’, where he shows the spirit of the music that the label offers. On Saturday night he started with a sensual and diverse repertoire to warm up the night, closing with a version of  Feelin’ Good like he was reading our minds. As generous as he is, we can already enjoy the set-up online .

What followed was a mosaic of DJs that displayed the quality and generosity of the imprint. One night that showed Berlin some newbies and that classic rich melting pot that shapes the label and the electronic music scene it brings together.

The line up was so colorful and exciting that it was impossible not to jump from the main floor to the second one just to be able to listen, at least, to a bit of every track the artists selected during that special night. So just following these names can guarantee to get into the rhythm, deciding where to party and enjoy.

On the main floor, after Leesker’s elegant opening, was the turn of Andrea Ljekaj, a Croatian performer that already caused a great impression in the international electronic scene. The DJ/producer is raising music from his homeland, bringing some experimental sounds well-curated for a dance floor. The Mediterranean vibes mixed with some oriental and cosmic, transported us to a different place showing how energetic, playful and diverse electronic music can get.

The power final act on the main floor was in charge of the Italian rule breaker CIOZ back-to-back with the duo of T.M.A. The mix of textures and impressions that they offered surpass every description that we could make. It was like following one line into a Pollock’s painting, not knowing when a sound ends and when the following one starts. A highlight of the incredible music we managed to listen to was the track and same EP tittle ‘Ego’ from Midas 104 on Get Physical Music. The four hours extended they played just flew by.

The second floor was smoothly opened by the German Reno Wurzbacher, which was a pleasure to listen to, chill out and put your mind at ease by just following his music. The next round was for the Polish Tomasz Guiddo, who played a groovy house that made everyone melted. Only the up sweet beats and a little of what will be his next release more disco gave the perfect closure for the dance floor. Along with Reno, who towards the end threw some more tracks, giving the sense of unity and wholesome that the label promotes.

Gets Physical does not disappoint. Probably, everyone who follows the label will receive a good surprise if they choose one of its nights. For the constant quality of the music and its performers. Always creating memorable environments, both the legends, the newcomers and the pearls that the label discovers and spread. Suicide Club not only got physical and made us dance until 8 in the morning, but also metaphysical by making us smile and feel a little happier.

Where to get more Get Physical? One of the next events to be held will be TheRoom LIVE on May 15th. The party will take place in Riga (Lithuania) and attendees will be able to listen to its legends such as DJ T. along with Ricky Ryan, also known as Freedo Mosho and head curator at Electronic Groove Records, among other personalities of the electronic music scene that definitely hit the dance floors.

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