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Summer Sunnyside Sessions: Fur Coat Required

“Our music is mostly for the dancefloor” say the pair of their output so far. “We consider ourselves to be making some sort of Space Funk. Our main influences are house and techno, but we add our own twist so stuff works on the dancefloor, it’s also deep, funky, trippy and hopefully delivers some sort of story to the listener.”

No matter the weather outside, it’s always a good time to experience the Venezuelan duo “Fur Coat”, and this past Sunday, July 31st, Toronto fans eagerly waited to be wrapped in the warmth that the duo is renowned for generating when they play their hypnotic four to the floor sexy combinations of techno and super groovy hot house mixes. Israel Sunshine and Sergio Munoz consistently and smoothly deliver impeccable performances at their every event, having them merit the title of “dynamic dj duo”.


Their union has been flourishing since 1999 through their mutual appreciation to create music that melds Latin, funk, soul, salsa, with electronic influences from Giorgio Moroder, Larry Levan and Moodymann. A far cry from being novices to the scene, Fur Coat has risen to fame through their unmistakable “sexy” underground sound combined with their association with Damian Lazarus’s much-lauded Crosstown Rebels label.

Now based in Barcelona, the duo’s deep, dark take on underground house has made a huge impact on the scene, and with their diligent dedication and accomplishments, they have gained the respect of such industry moguls as Stephan Bodzin (Systematic Recordings), Ruede Hagelstein (Watergate) and Sasha (LNOE).

Fur Coat

That being said, this past March, in Miami I was privileged to meet the duo and experience their incredible “Fur Coat” sound for the first time. True to their form, Sergio and Israel set a magical pace and vibe for Sasha’s Last Night On Earth boat cruise. Displaying gentlemanly qualities, Israel expressed his deepest appreciation for the support of their fans and above all for their continued success. Apart from the fact that my feet were in love with their sound, it was this quality of humility that left such an indelible impression on me, and had me wanting and needing to see them again.

Set to play at Sunnyside Pavilion, a distinct and magical historical venue in the “6ix”, I was extremely excited to have another opportunity to witness the duo perform the same deep beats, rolling grooves and alluring breakdowns that I had heard from them in March. As luck would have it, and thanks to Chris McKean of House Addict Promotions, I was able to make my way behind the decks where Israel greeted me with a huge hug and warm “hello again!, how are you?, thank you for coming!” Clearly, this is why he carries the last name of “Sunshine”, as he effortlessly mirrors the same intensely bright and wisdom-filled energy as the sun. I was completely blown away by their sheer gratitude for everyone who approached them, (even as they were playing). I felt honored to have been in their presence, to experience the intense positive energies they emitted, and to inevitably have the liberty to write about it.


These South American gentlemen, easily set the perfect vibe for the event, pumping out a set that included some wicked Tale of Us remixes like “Tearing Me Up” and “Life & Death” along with their remix of Alex Dimou’s “Sweet Berries”. Honestly, these guys surpass audience expectations and leave the crowd always wanting and needing more Fur Coat.

The after party was held at Cabal, where fans were able to get another dose of Fur Coat, but on a distinctively more intimate and personal level. I watched in fascination and delight as both Israel and Sergio, in their reputable fashion, mingled amongst the crowd in a refreshing and unassuming manner, conveying their appreciation for their fans and our city. I believe, it’s when djs are able to step down from the decks and connect with their fans that they gain a deeper level of respect and admiration, and above all, continued backing.


Fur Coat are undeniably a class act when it comes to how they administer their craft to the crowd and how they relate to them. It’s this commendable and distinct, rare quality in the duo, that had me think of a quote from Dale Carnegie:

“The world is full of people who are grabbing and self-seeking. So the rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage.”

Israel and Sergio are those rare individuals/artists who have a devoted revere for their fans, making it their purpose to continuously serve them with their enormous talent, and who undoubtedly deserve to experience the enormous advantages that come with being “Fur Coat”.

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