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Sunday Session With Rumors

Sunday Session with Rumors

There is always that electric feel in the air when there’s a Rumors event on the horizon. A mix of the old school, the young and the infamous Ibiza clans all come out of the woodwork for this London session, which is partly to blame for why it’s continuously such a successfully crowded event.

The concept of Rumors, which can also be interpreted by the labels name, is to self-advertise by word of mouth, without using the traditional billboard approach – which seems to have paid off! As the first London Rumors gig of the year, Unleash has indubitably delivered with their sold-out event at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse on Saturday, January 27th.

Guy Gerber returned to the decks surrounded by drapes of faux vines and exotic wildlife including the token snake & parrot which are also displayed in the e-flyers. Ruffles of fabric encased the ceiling, portraying a feeling of being in a large tent tucked away in the exotic jungle. The uniqueness of the production and entrancing sound puts these events in high demand, allowing these performances to be booked worldwide over the last few years since its birth and origin on the beaches of Ibiza. Since its creation in 2014, the locations have included Sardinia, Dubai, New York, Mexico, Miami and more.

The line-up also consisted of The Don – Damian Lazarus, who is an internationally renowned for playing with Rumors, alongside All Day I Dream visionary Lee BurridgeBas Ibellini, dOP and Cesar Merveille. As a first-time attendee of the venue, I was pleasantly surprised at the vastness of the spaces, 3 monumental parallel rooms with a breezy arched passage connecting to the smoking, VIP and toilet areas. The port-a-potties were ill-equipped, and ques stretched into remote corners of the venue – which was the biggest downfall for all attendees, for both general admission and VIP.

The euphonious melody’s, bellowing sound system and impressive production was no surprise that it’s such a populous gig in the London scene. Despite it being a sold-out event, there was a sense of relative intimacy. The magnetic transfers of smiles and enjoyment was visible from all areas of the arena, illustrated by a gleefully charged and bouncy crowd.

Rumors undoubtedly has delivered, once again.


Photo Credit: Here & Now

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