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Support The Sound: A global initiative for equity in the music industry

The initiative encourages DJs to share their earnings with the music producers they play at paid events.

In a pioneering move for the electronic music industry, a coalition of international clubs, event promoters, and festivals has come together to launch ‘Support The Sound’, an initiative aimed at promoting equity through a revenue-sharing model.

‘Support The Sound’ represents the collective vision of globally recognized music entities including Basement (New York), Bassiani (Tbilisi), Dekmantel (Amsterdam), Fuse (Brussels), 6AM and Synthetik Minds (Los Angeles), Vault Sessions (Amsterdam), Wire Festival (New York), and Womb (Tokyo). These founding members have pledged to support the creators who fuel their sets by collaborating with Aslice, a community-oriented service that enables DJs to share their earnings with the music producers they play at paid events.

The focus of this initiative is to establish a new, fairer system for booking performances. In 2024, the members of ‘Support The Sound’ will highlight the advantages of Aslice to booking agents and DJs, while urging their resident DJs to submit playlists. The commitment deepens in 2025 when all DJs performing at their events will be encouraged to share their earnings with the producers of the music they play.

Aslice’s founder, Zak Khutoretsky, also known as DVS1, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of community support in the music industry. He noted that ‘Support The Sound’ echoes the values of Aslice, which has always promoted a culture of sharing since its launch in March 2022.

Aslice’s mission is to lessen the income disparity between DJs and producers by fostering a balanced music ecosystem. Ethan Holben, Aslice’s CEO, believes that ‘Support The Sound’ is a significant step towards this goal. He hopes that this collective action will create a positive change in the industry, ensuring that music producers receive fair compensation for their work, while clubs and festivals benefit from streamlined playlist data for their national Performance Rights Organization.

Learn more about ‘Support The Sound’  here.

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