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Sven Marquardt presents 11+1 exhibition at Berlin Art Week

Showcasing Berlin’s nightlife.

Photo Credit: Ole Westermann

Renowned bouncer and artist Sven Marquardt has partnered with denim brand G-Star RAW to present an exhibition during the Berlin Art Week. Entitled 11+1, the show features 12 striking portraits that offer the artist’s unique perspective on Berlin’s lively nightlife.

The exhibition’s name, 11+1, pays homage to the guest list culture and showcases 11 street-casted talents alongside DJ Clara CuvĂ©. Each portrait highlights models wearing Marquardt’s exclusive clothing collection, which was co-curated with G-Star RAW. From a leather-look suit to a chef’s hat, these one-of-a-kind denim couture pieces embody individuality and creativity.

According to Sven Marquardt, the exhibition is his tribute to Berlin’s club culture, capturing unique and elusive emotions and moments of intimacy. These captivating images convey the vibrant atmosphere that defines the club scene.

Explore Marquardt’s work and browse the clothing collection available for purchase here.

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