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 Swann Decamme And Mark Howls Release “Elyxium (The Remixes)”

 Swann Decamme and Mark Howls release “Elyxium (The Remixes)”

Quatri (FR), Baez, Nhii, and Double Touch shared their own version.

A series of new remixes of ‘Elyxium’, originally produced by Swann Decamme and Mark Howls with Joma, have come out via Magician On Duty in a five-track EP.

The artists in charge of impregnating this melodic house subtle cut with their musical essence were Quatri (FR), Baez, Nhii, and Double Touch. The latter brought a touch of deep house to the original song.

To accompany the release, the Miami-based label has shared the following poem entitled ‘A ripple’, original by Aufie Zophy; a sign that, with this EP, they seek to touch the hearts of those who listen to it.

“It was silent, in my heart and mind; all emotions, all thoughts put on hold;

Trying some wisdom, some ease to find.
A flow of love came in, unheard of, untold.

I felt it flow, I felt it in every vein,
A love, a positive force, an energy,
Taking hold of my heart, of my brain,
Changing for a few moments, my reality.

It came in silence while I wanted to pray:
A ripple it made in the ether, the air.
And I hope that ripple of love in a way,
Will touch the hearts of many out there”.

“Elyxium (The Remixes)” is now available via Magician On Duty. Stream and buy here.

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