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Swann Decamme, Mark Howls Feat. JOMA – Elyxium The Remixes – Magician On Duty

Swann Decamme, Mark Howls feat. JOMA – Elyxium The Remixes – Magician On Duty

Released back in October of last year, ‘Elyxium’ was a  gorgeous deep house cut by Swann Decamme & Mark Howls that captured the imagination of everyone on the dancefloors all around the world. Now, it gets five distinct remix treatments that take it to different corners of the universe, as Quatri, Double Touch, Baez, Nhii, and its original creators explore a world of enchanting possibilities.

The first of these explorations come from french artist Quatri, as he re-imagines ‘Elyxium’ as a zero-gravity outing. It’s a place where particles of light float in slo-mo, suspended in space for everyone to see. The original vocals by Joma echo as if they were reflections of a distant memory that resonate as we awaken from suspended animation. By the time we regain control of all our senses, it is Double Touch that takes ‘Elyxium’ down into deeper territory. Mysterious and sensual, this reinterpretation is pinned down by some sublime percussive work and a lush low end, laying down the groundwork for Joma’s vocals to soar high, as they sway through the skies without care.  

By the halfway mark, it’s Baez that delivers some earth-quaking low end, providing a darker frame for Joma’s lines to contrast like in no other version. Here, pulsating drones push the percussive arrangements to higher grounds for a gripping take, bound to send dancefloors into rapture during the late-nite hours. As we come down for the fourth remix, Nhii presents us with the most techno-oriented version. A creation where gritty plucks intertwines with resonating arpeggios for a growling take, where Joma’s pitched vocals set a captivating tone, shrouded in mist. 

The EP’s finale comes courtesy of its original artists, Swann Decamme & Mark Howls, as they take us by the hand into more familiar territory. Here, they present us with the instrumental version of the original take. While some might miss Joma’s blissful vocals, this version reinforces the notion of just how good ‘Elyxium’ is as a standalone. 

Swann Decamme, Mark Howls feat. JOMA – Elyxium The Remixes EP is out now, and you can get your copy here.

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