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Swann Decamme, Mark Howls feat. JOMA – Elyxium – Magician on Duty

A shimmering, mysterious intro immerses us into the rich tapestry of sound that is ‘Elyxium’, a deep, melodic track by Swann Decamme and Mark Howls and featured on the three-year anniversary compilation by Miami label Magician On Duty.

While keeping a low-key, chilled vibe, the track hides many details within its layers, sounds that recall water flowing in and out, like waves on the beach, and many melodic elements that go from the thick bassline to the floating bells that sprinkle the tune.

On top of everything is the voice of French singer Justine (JOMA), with a voice and lyrics that are a perfect addition to the tranquility and dream-like state evoked by ‘Elyxium’.  It’s a sprawling track that is kept tightly together by a solid rhythm, shifting arrangements and meticulous production.

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