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Sync24 – Acidious – Leftfield Records

Sync24 – Acidious – Leftfield Records

Carbon Based Lifeforms member Daniel Segerstad, better known as Sync24, dives deep in acid, exploring its variants and uncharted landscapes with his latest album ‘Acidious’. With a clear concept in mind, the Swedish artist marvels listeners throughout the record with highly detailed creations, in which contrasts play a key role.

Composed of 8 tracks, ‘Acidious’ feels warm and shows an intimate side of the artist, while also managing to reach the most corrosive peaks that acid has to offer.

‘Feel The Water’ is the album opener and sets the tone for what’s in store, without ever forcing the listener in. As the name suggests, it’s all about slowly dipping one’s toes in the water, acclimatizing with its temperatures, as washed-out waves break by the shoreline, exuding with warmth and color.

With our bodies fully submerged, Sync24 proceeds with ‘Ouroboros’, where strutting stabs circulate running through spoken word vocals, as the track grows organically into a funky, flavorful dancefloor roller. By the time we reach ‘Nightfall Bounce’, the record has slipped completely under the acid, delivering a no-nonsense affair of an electro hybrid that goes in straight for the kill with its infectious mainline. Continuing down the path clearly set by ‘Nightfall Bounce’ the follow-up, ‘Acid For Blood’, should take no one by surprise with a name like that. Corrosive, the Swedish artist hits hard as a brick, in one of the most memorable moments found across ‘Acidious’.

Kicking off the second half, ‘Creatures In Motion’ resets the trip with its ethereal soundscape for an instant, providing a mesmerizing moment before the groove sets in. Vocals swells traverse through a rock-solid foundation, setting up an ideal frame for one of the most gorgeous melodic lines ‘Acidious’ has to offer. The sixth track, ‘Bunnies On Acid’ is perhaps one of the most original and unexpected moments. Funky and full of taste, Sync24 puts on his Grammatik-like suit and delivers a laid back, dope groover that is bound to turn heads in style.

The last turn on ‘Acidious’ sees the Swede go down on ‘Nightbreed’. Originally released as a single back in 2019, this one is perhaps one of the most straight-up techno-driven tracks found on the record. A dark and throbbing late-nite banger, the creation feels hellbent on destroying every dance floor on its path. Closing out an album like this might not be an easy task, but Sync24 rises over the challenge with the last cut, ‘Obsidian Lake’. By the end, the waters that so warmly welcomed us in, are set to expel us out back again into the world. Like ripples on a turbulent sea, its dark atmospheres engulf and drown out vocals, in the most progressive of renditions found on ‘Acidious’. Reflective, but never standing still, ‘Obsidian Lake’ encompasses all the great moments that the listener has gone through, in a highly emotional recap, closing out the LP n a truly fantastic way.

You can grab your copy of Sync24’s ‘Acidious’ here.


  1. Feel The Water
  2. Ouroboros
  3. Nightfall Bounce
  4. Acid For Blood
  5. Creatures In Motion
  6. Bunnies On Acid
  7. Nightbreed
  8. Obsidian Lake
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