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Exploring techno horizons with T78

T78, also known as Manuele Tessarollo, is an Italian music producer in the techno genre. With his style and exceptional production quality, T78 captivates audiences at festivals and clubs worldwide.

Photo credit: T78 – Official

Renowned DJs such as Carl Cox, Pan Pot, Ritchie Hawtin, and Amelie Lens have shown support for T78’s music, which has gained millions of streams globally.

In addition to his success as a producer, T78 is the founder of Autektone, a label that releases music from talented artists showcasing innovative sounds. T78’s dedication to the music industry extends beyond his own productions. Through his podcast, ‘ONLYBOMBS,’ he shares his latest musical discoveries, offering listeners a glimpse into his ever-evolving sonic world.

Recently, T78 collaborated with Reinier Zonneveld and Motvs on the EP ‘Who is Batman?’ just released via Reinier’s label, Filth On Acid. This collaboration combines T78’s approach, Motvs’ passion for music, and Reinier’s energy.

EG had the opportunity to chat with T78 and explore his creative process, his latest release ‘Who is Batman?’, and his plans for the future.

EG: Hi, Manuele! Welcome back to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? How did you wrap up your year?

T78: Thanks to you guys, the pleasure is mine. 2023 was a year truly full of opportunities. I had the chance to create a lot of music and showcase my art in many venues and events around the world, so I consider myself very happy and fortunate to continue pursuing this passion of mine for over 20 years.

EG: So, how has 2024 been treating you so far? Any highlights or resolutions you can share with us?

T78: 2024 has already started off on a positive note. The first track I produced together with my friend Igor S, “Axid,” is already receiving a lot of streams on all online platforms. I also have many collaborations planned for the first half of the year, which will bring a new direction to the T78 sound. I can mention three of these collaborations as highlights: Reinier Zonneveld, Gabry Ponte, and Mariana BO.

EG: Your upcoming release ‘Who is Batman?’ sees you teaming up with Reinier Zonneveld and Motvs. What was the collaborative process like? Is this the first time you guys have worked together on music? Did you share similar inspirations or bring your own ideas to the table?

T78: I have been collaborating with Motvs since January 2020 when he started mastering all my tracks. The idea for ‘Who is Batman?’ came from him last summer, so we began sharing ideas and files until we reached a point where we were satisfied with everything. We sent the track to Filth On Acid, and Reinier Zonneveld asked if he could join the collaboration. The initial version was at 140 BPM, but he increased the tempo to 148 and also raised the pitch of all the melodic elements. I still play the original concept version when I perform peak-time techno sets.

“I consider myself very happy and fortunate to continue pursuing this passion of mine for over 20 years”

EG: How did you guys settle on ‘Who is Batman?’ for its title? Is it just something superficial this time around?

T78: We were inspired by some dialogue from the Batman movies and an old techno track called ‘Who is Elvis’.

EG: Stepping out of the studio for a bit… Over the past years, we’ve seen a huge rise in acts or concepts that depend on these immense screens and eye-watering visuals. Do you think this enhances the musical experience? Or is it taking too much away from the actual music?

T78: I think huge screens and visuals add a lot to the overall experience for those on the dance floor. However, I must also say that many times they also contribute to the mediocrity of the music being played at that moment. I just hope the music remains something to dance to and not just something to watch.

EG: Also, the use of AI in music has become quite common after its initial introduction, which raised many eyebrows. What’s your stance on this? Have you considered its possibilities? Do you find any potential uses enticing?

T78: I believe the use of AI in the music industry has many positive aspects. The only limit will be your own imagination. The future will heavily rely on AI in every field, not just music. At the moment, I’m not using it much except for creating some voices.

“I just hope the music remains something to dance to and not just something to watch”

EG: Finally, can you provide some insights into what’s next for T78? What’s in store for 2024? Where can your fans catch you next?

T78: In recent weeks, I’ve been working a lot on Activator, my hard techno moniker, because I want to bring it to the same level as T78. I want everyone to know that T78 is behind the Activator project, as many still ignore it. In fact, I will be playing a few times at the Verknipt events, this time as Activator and focusing on hard techno only. As for T78, I will continue with various collaborations and solo tracks on my own label, Autektone, and some other labels where I have previously released. I will also be performing soon again in the United States, South America, Australia, and of course, Europe.

EG: Thank you so much for your time, Manuele! We wish you all the best for the future. Take care!

T78: Thank you too, guys, and #onlybombs.

T78’s ‘Who is Batman?’ is  out now via Filth on Acid. Download your copy here.

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