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Tadej Jaki reimagines Malek Mhedhbi’s ‘Pumpa’

A delightful organic affair.

Slovenian DJ and former pro-tennist Tadej Jaki has just unveiled his latest sonic outing with the drop of his remix for Malek Mhedhbi’s ‘Pumpa’. The new drop is already available to stream and purchase via kośa.

Showcasing Tadej Jaki’s characteristic deep and organic sound, his new remix for Malek Mhedhbi’s ‘Pumpa’ is built on intricate percussive motifs and tantalizing atmospheres that engulf listeners, transporting them to uncharted, mystic lands. The new remix is a part of Malek Mhedhbi’s ‘Mira’ LP.

Listen to Tadej Jaki’s remix for Malek Mhedhbi’s ‘Pumpa’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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