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Taimur Puts His Personal Vinyl Collection Up For Grabs

Taimur puts his personal vinyl collection up for grabs

There are almost 1000 selected vinyls.

Taimur, the head honcho of Blkmarket Music and The Selectors is an avid record collector and DJ, but due to the events of late around the emergence of the Coronavirus, like most of the industry, he’s struggling financially. Without any gigs in sight for the foreseeable future, he’s decided to put up a part of his prized collection on sale over at Discogs.

In the past days, I have finally started to put up titles on Discogs for sale. So far have put up nearly 1000 titles in vinyl and cd formats. Titles range from genres breakbeat, electro, house, techno, hardcore, acid, drum n bass, IDM, tech-house, minimal, trance, my personal collection, and my label Blkmarket Music. These titles include new arrivals, some more expensive rare ones and also discounted titles. he said in a personal Facebook statement.

Aside from this offering, that is bound to keep growing with each passing day, he also mentioned that for those of you looking for something special and you trust me to dig for you, I am offering a SPECIAL T BAG SURPRISE!” These packages will be “personally curated after a consultation based on your taste”.

You can check out Taimur’s record collection here.

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