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Tara Brooks remixes Motorcycle’s ‘As The Rush Comes’

To celebrate the song’s 20th anniversary,

Photo credit: Tara Brooks – Official

LA-based producer and DJ Tara Brooks has released a captivating remix of Motorcycle’s trance track ‘As The Rush Comes.’ This genre-blending remix celebrates the song’s 20th anniversary while preserving its vibrant creative spirit.

Collaborating with Dave Dresden from Gabriel & Dresden and Motorcycle, Brooks infused a modern touch to the track by using Dresden’s stems. The remix seamlessly blends trance, techno, and other dance music styles, ensuring the original trance euphoria remains intact.

Her remix features bouncy drums, futuristic synth bass, and ethereal impacts. It gradually introduces a thumping kick drum, scintillating hi-hats, and emotional synth melodies to create a mesmerizing atmosphere. The track also incorporates acid basslines and deep brass elements that enhance the sound, while maintaining the captivating vocals of JES.

Listen to Tara Brooks’ remix of ‘As The Rush Comes’ below.

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