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Tax and Police authorities visit Privilege and Space Ibiza nightclubs

Following the latest raid by the Civil Guard and Police at the legendary club Amnesia; the force strikes again at two other clubs, Privilege and Space.

The search started at 6am and ended around 4pm lead by the AEAT, the Tax agency of Spain. According to El Diario de Ibiza, the intervention to these new clubs has nothing to do with the one at Amnesia. Instead, the visit of authorities is part of an Tax fraud operation by the name of “Chopin” that is targeting this kind of establishments all over the country.

A total of 3 boats arrived at the island of Ibiza with approximately 100 officers for the Tax agency accompanied by 12 agents of La Policia Nacional.

It is said that the agents are requesting accounting documents only to verify the transactions of each establishment and detect if there are any irregularities.

There is a total of 87 clubs that are part of this investigation.

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