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TBA announces new Masterclass series

With Sainte Vie, Metrika, Balcazar & Jay Haze as teachers.

Monterrey’s TBA has unveiled a new series of masterclass programs that can be done virtually and in-person. The new courses will be available as of July 3rd, and will feature the teachings of Sainte Vie, Metrika, Balcazar & Jay Haze.

During the masterclass program, the students will come to learn about: Production Process, Mixing & Mastering Tips, EQ & Filters, Synthesizers, Beat Making, Dynamics, Advanced Signal Flow, Reverb & Delays, Sound Design / Sampling, Vocal Recording, and Live Performance.

With the announcement, TBA also revealed that the collective will be hosting two parties on July 3rd, with the ‘Day Party’ taking place at Casa Morelos, and the ‘Night Party’ which will be held at Venue867.

You can learn more about the Masterclass program and purchase your tickets for both parties here.

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