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Techfui’s latest release: “Too Strong” by Nohijo

Record label Techfui has just released an inspiring and harmonious release named “Too Strong” by Lee Sandwith aka Nohijo, with remixes by Tolga Fidan and Monsafe. The addition of dark vocals is a nice touch to this already strong track. Tolga’s remix brings an intense side to the track ideal for the intense hours of the night. Monsafe keeps the dark elements and vocals, letting us go deep into our minds.

The EP’s 2nd track, Sanctuary, has a pure underground house vibe that will keep the dance floor on cue for any coming surprises.

Everyone’s expression is unique, interesting and a collaborated product of life’s experiences, so is the music, the art and the vision. We carry this essence in everything that is TECHFUI. Our label brings family, friends and fresh talents together, and is built on a strong relationship around the people and their talents. We stay true to our roots, traditions and culture, always forward thinking and cutting edge.


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