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Technics introduces new SL-1210G turntable

Available starting this October.

Japanese brand Technics has unveiled their SL-1210G, a new turntable aimed at the audiophile market, which is an updated reboot of the SL-1200G model from 2016 with a black finish.

Boasting an iron-coreless direct-drive motor, providing enhanced rotation stability, and a tonearm made from magnesium, the SL-1210G also comes with a factory-fitted cartridge.

‘We realized there was high demand for a ‘regular’ black version of this flagship 1200 Series model,’ said Frank Balzuweit, Technics’ European product manager.

The SL-1210G will be available in Europe this October, with an expected price tag of $4,850.

Learn more about the Technics SL-1210G here.

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