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Teenage Enineering And IKEA Team Up To Develop A Home Soundsystem

Teenage Enineering and IKEA team up to develop a home soundsystem

The system is supposed to be a mobile affordable vinyl sound system.

IKEA has collaborated with synth and audio company Teenage Enineering to create a package that includes a turntable, speakers and lights “in order to throw a really good music party wherever you are”.

The equipment named Frevkens (which translates to “frequency”) has been created with the idea to have everything to spontaneously throw a party.

Jesper Kouthoofd is one of Teenage Enineering’s founders and he explained how he created the idea of a portable sound-system. “I started thinking, as many Swedish people: We go to IKEA when we make a party to get candles, napkins and more. Maybe we could do something very affordable with a sound and light system to complete the party”. He also commented that this sound system is ready for the launch. “We are working to adjust the internal design to make it affordable. We want to give the best price.”

Frevkens is set to be out in June 2019 and will be ranging from US$5 to 99.

Watch a video of Jesper Kouthoofd discussing the collaboration below.

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