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Teho & Aalson – Beyond (Aparde Remix) – Labo T

Following a string of remixes by Romain Garcia, Jonas Saalbach & Feyva, Einmusik, and pølaroit, Labo T now presents the latest and final rework inspired by Teho’s acclaimed ‘Infinity’ album, courtesy of Aparde. The baltic artist renowned for his compelling sensitivity brings a warm and embracing sound, delivering a cinematic take on Teho & Aalson’s ‘Beyond’.

Synthetic waves crash against a broken frame that ticks like intricate clockwork before latching on to echoing plucks and iridescent vocal chops as we bask in the warmest of hues. Re-arranging most of Teho & Aalson’s original sounds, Aparde expertly constructs a striking new aural tapestry, interweaving new emotions into the very fabric of ‘Beyond’, leading listeners into a hypnotic state of bliss. Short but sweet, Aparde’s delightful take is certainly a perfect way to wrap up the last remix in Teho’s ‘Infinity’ album series.

‘Teho & Aalson – Beyond (Aparde Remix)’ is out now via Labo T. Purchase your copy here.

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