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Teho and Romain Garcia take a day off with their new collaborative track

Out now via Labo T.

Photo credit: Teho / Romain Garcia – Official

In their latest single, ‘Day Off’, Teho and Romain Garcia embark on a musical adventure to take a break from their daily responsibilities. The track is already available via Labo T.

‘Day Off’ represents a harmonious merging of two distinct musical styles. Romain’s soulful melodies blend seamlessly with Teho’s electrifying beats, creating a captivating listening experience.

During the creative process, Teho and Romain find themselves transported to another reality, where they are able to fully express their artistic vision. The result is a composition that combines the melodic and profound elements of Romain’s musical style with Teho’s dynamic and powerful sounds.

Listen to ‘Day Off’ below and download your copy here.

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