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Teho – At Any Cost – Labo T

Labo T founder Teho returns to his beloved imprint to wrap up a sensational year with the release of ‘At Any Cost’, the latest single to spawn off from his highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Infinity’. Following up on the beautiful ‘Millie’ (Teho’s first release since becoming a father), the hybrid ‘Beyond’, and the Joris Delacroix collaboration ‘Fury’, ‘At Any Cost’ further enlarges Teho’s vision and the narrative to be found in ‘Infinity’.

Warm and gracious, ‘At Any Cost’ feels intimate, yet expansive. A beautiful, self-contained dichotomy that wanders close to home. Driven by a lush broken beat, the piece showcases a wave of swelling synths that crash against our emotions with finesse before a skitterish arp takes the lead with imperative urgency come breakdown. It’s a most needed rush, a ‘now-or-never’ moment that ties the cut together with Teho’s unique flair, one that elevates the piece into higher grounds as the French artist prepares to skydive into ‘Infinity’.

Teho’s ‘At Any Cost’ is out now via Labo T. Purchase your copy here.

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