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Teho & Ceas – Stern – Labo T.

Following up on the releases of ‘Millie’, ‘Beyond, ‘Fury’, and ‘At Any Cost’, Teho continues on the ramp-up to the release of his anticipated sophomore album ‘Infinity’. Now, the artist now shares a new glimpse into his upcoming LP with the release of the collaborative EP, ‘Stern’. Featuring two new tracks with Ceas, the new record is already available to stream and purchase via Teho’s own Labo T. imprint.

Opening cut ‘Stern’ presents itself with a slow-building frame, where a lone drone rises, elevating the tension before it is released as a solid bedrock from which intricate synth work rises like embers, suspended mid-air in alluring fashion. As the entrancing synths float around us, the machinery comes to a halt, offsetting a powerful trance, induced by the mesmerizing sonic shards as we stand over a highwire in perfect balance. A beautiful moment before life restarts once again; before the drop washes over with its blinding lights as the pair terraform a resonating apogee.

For the second act, ‘Ideal’, the pair conjure sparse notes and intertwining synthesizers, cutting through the mist, coming in clear as they take center stage. From the onset, they are aided by an oscillating wave that paves the way down to a most gorgeous breakdown where emotions rise to the surface, inducing a state of pure, unadulterated bliss. It is here that an effervescent arpeggio grows intensely, taking us gently by the hand as we dive deep inside the iridescent haze kicked up by Teho & Ceas to lift the veil from our eyes, reminding us of why we are really here. A wonderful contrast of flavors, ‘Ideal’ feels like a rapture should.

Teho & Ceas’ ‘Stern’ EP is out now via Labo T.. Purchase your copy here.

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