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Teho – Dark Matter – Labo T.

Following up on the releases of ‘Millie’, ‘Beyond, ‘Fury’, ‘At Any Cost’, and ‘Stern’ Teho continues on the ramp-up to the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Infinity’. Now, the artist now shares the final glimpse into his upcoming LP with the release of his last single, ‘Dark Matter’. The new record is already available to stream and purchase via Teho’s own Labo T. imprint, and showcases the producer’s penchant for creating showstopping pieces that encapsulate mesmerizing sonic journeys.

A sustained drone echoes from the depths of darkness, magnifying with tension as every second goes by before a big bang sets ‘Dark Matter’ in motion. Relentless, the groove navigates a turbulent ocean of razor-sharp synths swells and stabs that break into particles that grind against the machinery devised by the French cosmonaut. Menacing, ‘Dark Matter’ consumes everything in its path, leaving a stark trail behind before a black hole implodes in spectacular fashion come breakdown. It’s a grandiose moment that showcases Teho’s creativity in the studio as he rides the tide on the back of a powerful lead, culminating in a gripping and sensational last act as everything we’ve ever come to know is obliterated for life to start anew.

Teho’s ‘Dark Matter’ is out via his own Labo T. imprint. Purchase your copy here

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