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Teho & Gregory Terlikowski compose ‘Backfirewall’ videogame OST

26 original soundbites.

Teho & Gregory Terlikowski have come together for a unique project as they shared the official original soundtrack to a new videogame called ‘Backfirewall’. The video game will be available on Steam, PS Store, Xbox, and Nintendo Store from January 30th, and the OST is now available via Teho’s Labo T. imprint.

According to its press release, ‘Backfirewall’ is “a 3D narrative adventure set inside a smartphone. The player embodies an update assistant whose job is to update the phone. The only problem is the current OS, OS9, is not so happy about being deleted and replaced. After learning that the update will kill you too, you will have to team up with OS9 to try and reboot the system in order to avoid the update and survive.”

Listen to Teho & Gregory Terlikowski’s ‘Backfirewall’ below, and order your copy of the OST here.

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