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Teho & Joris Delacroix – Fury – Labo T

Last year, Joris Delacroix and Labo T founder Teho became entangled through Delacroix’s powerful take on Teho’s ‘Irani’. After realizing that they were neighbors, it only made sense for these two French artists to link up and collaborate on what would become the fiery single, ‘Fury’. Setting sails without a true purpose or direction, Delacroix and Teho found a way to seamlessly blend both visions together in perfect fashion, while remaining coherent and true to their individual styles.

Unique from its conception, the cut unfurls constantly, changing shapes in mesmerizing form. Delicate wails echo in spacious ambiances as a mechanical groove starts marching before shards of light start punching through the mix. With ‘Fury’ approaching its sultry breakdown, synth lines give way to piano riff and back in a delicate exchange that showcases the pair’s flair in the studio. A grand finale built on glimmering synth swells and resonance-drenched sequences shake the kaleidoscope once more, unleashing its caged rage, as it thrashes in absolute bliss.

Changing colors throughout, ‘Fury’ feels like an escalating affair that lives true to its name. One that is bound to capture audiences across the globe with its balancing act as Delacroix and Teho tread with elegance between techno, progressive house, and its more organic shades.

Accompanying the release, Joris Delacroix and Teho also shared a live rendition of ‘Fury’, which you can watch below.

‘Fury’ is out now via Labo T. Purchase your copy here.

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