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Teho & Joris Delacroix – ‘Fury (pølaroit Remix)’ – Labo T.

For the second remix of Teho’s recent ‘Infinity’ LP, Labo T. welcomes German duo pølaroit. Taking on Teho & Joris Delacroix’s ‘Fury’, the pair paints a masterpiece of a remix, adding their own, unique and distinct touch with new, kaleidoscopic chords that naturally lay over the original melody in an enthralling way.

Reimagining one of the most powerful and tantalizing cuts on Teho’s ‘Infinity’, pølaroit summons slow-burning strums that make their way into a minimalistic frame, latching onto spatial wails and cosmic debris, gently gliding through the most serene of places. Harnessing energy with each passing beat, pølaroit delivers a gripping breakdown, clearing the skies at will before building up tension in exquisite fashion, releasing an absolutely gorgeous finale with a spellbinding contrast between the razor-sharp percussions and the arresting melodic palette that swirls in mesmerizing patterns. In a sublime contradiction, pølaroit manages to subdue the ‘Fury’ in Teho & Joris Delacroix’s creation, emulating the release of those first raindrops after an arid season.

‘Teho & Joris Delacroix – Fury (pølaroit remix)’ is out now via Labo T. Purchase your copy here.

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