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Teho – Millie – Labo T

After his impressive performance at Glacier 3000 with Cercle, Teho returns to French imprint Labo T with a new single titled ‘Millie’. This brand new recording will be as a part of his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Infinity’, and is the first track Teho created since becoming a father, bearing all the indelible emotions found in this unique experience. Showcasing a new colorful, yet sophisticated look, Labo T welcomes Teho’s ‘Millie’ with loving arms.

Named after her daughter, Teho’s ‘Millie’ unfurls in an intense, but unrestricted manner. At its own pace, because nature knows best. ‘Millie’ develops over colorful chords that hang in the air, leaving microscopic trails over a pristine, detailed groove that offers a warm embrace. As the narrative unfolds, sonic flares rise and swell in anticipation by the breakdown, as they wait for their turn to intertwine with an effervescent neon arp, generating a chemical reaction that brings the track back for a final act. One more attempt to burn out, engulfing itself in the untamable flames that forge life itself.

Two years after its conception, Teho’s latest creation is a pure reflection of patience and nurturing, becoming the gift at the light of the tunnel. A guiding voice that steers us in the right direction. Home.

Teho’s ‘Millie’ is out now via Labo T. Purchase your copy here.

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