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Terron Darby announces ‘It’s All Up In The Air’ EP

Faoi Na Réaltaí’s second release.

Dance Artifakts and FNR co-founder Terron Darby has shared the news of his incoming ‘It’s All Up In The Air’ EP. Following up on the release of Akari’s ‘How Much Is Never’, the new EP signals Faoi Na Réaltaí’s sophomore release, and will be available on January 28th across all major digital platforms.

Capturing the imagination with eloquence, ‘Garden Of Eva’ offers sophisticated textural percussive patterns decorated by a plethora of deeply nostalgic sounds, led by strings that traverse through the listener’s heart distilling emotion, as Darby navigates the secret gardens of his soul. Meanwhile, counterpart ‘That’s Up In The Air’ blossoms with finesse, unraveling a hypnotic experience where synths chart a flight course through the clouds over a warm bassline and endless groove that bring the dance floor gently back to earth.

Listen to our premiere of ‘Garden Of Eva’ below, and pre-order your copy of the EP here.

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