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Terron Darby – It’s All Up In The Air – FNR

Seasoned dance floor maestro, Dance Artifakts and Faoi Na Réaltaí founder Terron Darby conjures his ‘It’s All Up In The Air’ EP, an emotion-driven journey that stands as a testament to the artist’s lush and widescreen sound. Following up on the release of Akari’s ‘How Much Is’, Darby’s new EP and the label’s sophomore release meddles with the horizon as it disables gravitational forces for a showstopping flight.

Unfurling gently, ‘Garden Of Eva’ emits low-end vibrations that awaken a thumping kick that treads with aplomb as the surrounding wildlife emerges from its deep slumber, waiting to be rediscovered. A magical place where threads of light shine down breaking through the green canopy and warm strings run free with grace and poise, releasing a natural sense of wonder into the air. As we come to comprehend the mystique that emanates from Eva’s garden, Darby masterfully interchanges green leaves for lush clouds, elevating listeners to a higher plane. A soaring moment of revelation, where perspective takes its place, augmenting the beauty in Terron’s intimate creation.

Deep in the journey now, ‘It’s All In The Air’ rolls off the back of an entrancing percussive motif and iridescent synths that swirl in mesmerizing fashion, as Darby stops time, if only for a handful of minutes. An astonishing self-contained moment of bliss, where otherworldly sonic spores float intertwining with shards of light that bend and contort in free form, generating a most sublime microcosmic dance that reimagines the beginning of life, unraveling a hypnotic experience that reaffirms the purpose of Faoi Na Réaltaí in the musical landscape.

Terron Darby’s ‘It’s All Up In The Air’ EP will be out on January 28th via Faoi Na Réaltaí. Pre-order your copy here.

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