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Terron Darby shares 10 favorite summer tracks

Unearthing four new distinct Dance Artifakts, the imprint is poised to showcase a new collection of enchanting sonic tales by label founder, Terron Darby. Bringing forth a new testament, the renowned explorer presents his ‘First Contact EP’, a menagerie of tracks that exemplify the artist’s broad creative scope and metier for storytelling.

To celebrate the release of Terron Darby’s new ‘First Contact’ EP on Dance Artifakts, the label’s mastermind shares some of his favorite summer tracks.

1. James Alexander Bright – Be Strong – !K7

“This tune is perfect in so many ways. Uplifting, melodic, all the feels with stellar production and the vocals are sublime. Top Tune.”

2. Philippa – Slow It Down – Free Range

“When I first listened to this I immediately fell into this groove. Perfect sunset/sunrise or after after party vibes.

3. Bella Boo – True Romance (Studio Barnhus)

“This track merges classic nostalgia dance music and modern dance to the next level. It’s been a staple in my sets over the summer.”

4. Superpitcher – Lonely Lover (Studio Barnhus)

“This one can take over a dance floor in the right setting. on a repeat playlist of mine. Immersive groove and melodies that take the listener on a true hypnotic journey.”

5. Manqo – Always Something – Cross Town Rebels

“Its perfect for any intimate dancefloor. Love the arrangement and dramatic synths and vocals. Super!”

6. Kalabrese – Eight Bars

“Some tunes are simply good jams, This is one of those tunes. Enjoy.”

7. Block 16 — Electrokution (Daniel Wang And Brennan Green Evolusive Mix)

“Music for the most discerning, top class arrangement and exquisite production.”

8. I Am – Anthony Georges Patrice – Dance Artifakts

“One of my favorites this summer. It’s hypnotic, melodic, and driving tension will get anyone on the floor. It’s appropriate for any dancefloor.”

9. D&G – Frequency – Dance Artifakts

“Exquisite production. Smooth and melodic. Been rocking this one all summer”

10. Jay Skelly — N’bife feat. Astan KA (Nomad In The Dark Rework) – Dance Artifakts

“Since the inception of this tune it has worked on any dance floor for me. Summer Classic.”

Terron Darby’s ‘First Contact’ EP is out now via Dance Artifakts. Purchase your copy here.

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