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The Black Madonna Remixes Celeste’s ‘Stop This Flame’

The Black Madonna remixes Celeste’s ‘Stop This Flame’

The producer joined forces with the BBC Sound of 2020 winner.

The Black Madonna has infused her tribal percussion style into ‘Stop This Flame’, an original track by British-Jamaican soul singer Celeste.

To the original artist, this song inspires her “not to let go of love, not to let go of a dream or go through some form of adversity”. On her part, the American DJ assures that this was one of the tracks in which she worked “before the world became a very different place”; perhaps that is why this release gives her so much joy right now.

“It brings back happy memories of hearing Celeste‘s beautiful voice on my headphones in a makeshift studio on my honeymoon. I hope that some of the joy of that time will endure. It was an honor to work with her and it is an honor to be able to share it now”, added The Black Madonna.

In addition, the Prospa duo also included their version of the same track, in which their euphoric breakbeat and sounds of metallic synthesizers resonates throughout.

Stream and buy ‘Stop This Flame’ here

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