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The Gardens Of Babylon Welcomes Bedouin

The Gardens of Babylon welcomes Bedouin

Next event will be taking place on Friday, August 4th.

In our fast paced world where we are constantly connected through different media forms we often forget where the real connections lie. We forget to look inward to ourselves because we are always looking outward. Once we learn to connect with ourselves and to accept ourselves for who we are then we begin to connect with others in our purest form. Then we really being to love life.

Making connections on the dance floor is therapeutic for many people, but more often than not people aren’t on the dance floor to heal themselves, they are there for distraction, to loose themselves and forget their worries. Now there is a new party concept based around personal growth, spiritual connection and enjoying life in loving surroundings. A place where you are given an opportunity to explore your desires and leave loving yourself even more than when you entered.

The Gardens of Babylon was an idea born through meditation on the playa of Burning Man and then launched in Amsterdam in October of 2016. Since then the community has quickly grown and it’s no surprise why. Upon entering one of these gatherings you’ll immediately feel a different vibe because the energy is so pure. Each event starts with a group meditation to cleanse everyone from their day, to set an intention for self-improvement, and to let any bad energy dissipate to allow for only happy thoughts and love to enter. These parties embrace what it is to be a good human, where creativity is encouraged, age has no meaning and everyone is welcome.

Music is the key ingredient of the Gardens of Babylon journey with each event hosting an amazing mix of talent including the best artists of the electronic world and new talent who deserve welcoming ears and contagiously fun energy. As the cycle of the new August moon starts this week the gravitational forces should be pulling you to experience the next Gardens of Babylon this Friday at De Marktkantine.

See you on Friday!

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